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What is an Executive Background Check?

An executive background check, also sometimes referred to as a company officer background check, exists to screen for criminal, civil, financial and reputation risks associated with an individual who owns or manages the business you're looking to work with. These aren't employment checks; they're a more advanced form of third party due diligence that empowers you to make decisions about partners, investment subjects, vendors, or customers.

CS Business Screen, has provided executive background checks since 1996. Our due diligence investigations are conducted by licensed private investigators and reports are returned in two business days.

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Get to Know Our Executive Background Check Reports

1. Summary of Alerts Found: We screen companies for civil, criminal, financial, and reputation risks. You'll see all alerts at a glance.

2. Direct Message Investigators: All business background screenings are conducted by licensed private investigators. Have questions? You can message your investigator directly.

3. Verified Results: Our investigators use both on- and offline data sources to verify and confirm results

4. API Integration: We deliver reports through our platform, and also offer API integrations so you can see results in your existing systems (like a CRM).

What can our investigators uncover?

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Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can a background check reveal?

Criminal Activity - pending and past criminal charges at the Federal, State, and County levels.
Civil Issues - pending and past civil lawsuits associated with individuals and companies.
Financial Issues - pending and past liens, bankruptcies, judgements and UCC filings.
Reputation Issues - negative press, negative social media likes and posts, false education degree claims.

How long does it take to complete an investigation?

Domestic (US) investigations average 2-3 business days to turnaround. International investigations average 7-10 business days to turnaround.

What information is required to start an investigation?

For individual/officer investigations: At minimum, you'll need to supply the subject's first & last names and the state of residence. If the subject has a common name, we may need additional information such as: city of residence, approximate age, date of birth, personal phone number, personal email address, etc.

For company investigations: You'll need to supply the company's legal name, and HQ address.

Does the subject get informed that they are being investigated?

No, we are able to perform a discreet investigation on US based subjects. For international investigations, we may need to collect consent prior to performing an investigation.

Can you perform international investigations?

Yes! However, each country is unique in the searches we can conduct, pricing, and turnaround time. Let us know what countries outside of the US that you need to conduct an investigation in and we will send over a custom quote.

Who is actually conducting the investigation?

Each investigation gets assigned to a licensed private investigator on our team. All findings are verified at their sources and summarized in easy-to-read reports.

Am I able to build a custom search package to meet my specific requirements?

Yes! Reach out to sales to learn about our package customization options.

What's the difference between you and business report companies like Dunn and Bradstreet?

Our searches are conducted in real-time at the sources of data. Results get analyzed by a professional investigator and summarized in easy to read reports. Business report companies like Dunn and Bradstreet present incomplete or outdated information on subjects and may give users a false sense of security.

Online database searches do not offer comprehensive coverage of issues and may give a false sense of security to their users.

Do you offer discounts for high volume clients?

Yes! We have a different pricing structure for high volume clients who need to conduct 15 or more investigations a year.


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