International Screening

It is vital to have the ability to conduct both checks in the United States and across the globe.

The World is Constantly Evovling

As the business world has become virtual based, the need for international checks has skyrocketed. We can conduct background checks in 250+ countries around the globe. When it comes it international checks, most often a firm does not find much information on the target company/officer on the web. International data tends to be more locked down to the various privacy laws.

international screening process
international screening process

Understanding International Screening

International due diligence background checks are unique and include different key considerations. Here is a glimpse into the process for an International Screen.

1. Timing
We spend the time getting to know your exact needs so that we can develop an appropriate background check program while minimizing the cost to the greatest extent so that you get real value for your investment.

2. Scope
In order to achieve the right blend of international and domestic information, we gather as much information as we possibly can to get a look at the full scope of the subject.

3. Scrubbing
All confusion is removed through our scrubbing process to ensure that you get easy-to-digest information at the end of the process.

4. Compliance
In order to ensure adherence to regulations and legalities, we include all data needed for full compliance, both here in the United States and internationally, as appropriate.

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