Investment Screening

When working on an acquisition or transaction, an investment screen is a perfect tool to avoid a deal falling apart due to criminal activity, financial issues, or negative media that may have been missed by a non-investigator.

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Background Check

A company is often scrutinized up and down by multiple parties during the overall due diligence process. Is there anything that might have been overlooked? We are here to help.

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Background Check

Reputation is everything in today’s market. Are you looking to understand the reputation of the owners and officers? We can go behind the basic parameters to locate potential issues.

What is Investment Screening?

When a company wants to buy or invest in another company and when a company wants to facilitate the selling of another company, we conduct background checks before signing the dotted line.

Our due diligence background checks will ensure all parties are legitimate, uncover any relevant financial issues both past and present, and prevent any embarrassing mistakes.

2/3rds of public records are not readily available online. Our network of investigation sources can find and verify information anywhere.

Make A Confident Decision

In general, due diligence is all about gathering as much relevant information as possible before making a significant business decision — whether that be making a key investment or closing a key acquisition.

When your company encounters an opportunity, it’s only natural to want to move forward as quickly as possible to seize that opportunity. Are you doing enough to reduce and have peace of mind?

Who Uses Investment Screening?

Angel Investors/Networks
Hedge Funds
Investment Bankers
Private Equity Firms
M&A Accountants
Venture Capital Firms
Law Firms

Do you have a deal in the pipeline?

At, we make securing background checks simple and easy. We are a pay-per-check provider and are here when you need us.

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