International Due Diligence Background Checks: Everything You Need to Know

Conducting due diligence on domestic companies is a normal procedure for many businesses. However, if your company is doing business or establishing partnership overseas, it’s just as important to conduct international due diligence. When you start the an international due diligence project, all sorts of additional factors come into play, including different costs, rules and regulations, timing, languages and more.

Things to Consider During International Due Diligence Background Checks

Since international due diligence backgrounds checks are unique, they include different key considerations. Here are things you should be thinking about and considering as you begin an international due diligence project:

  1. Timing: The turnaround times on international due diligence checks can be longer, thus you should always try to start the process as early as possible. It’s much more difficult to complete urgent due diligence background checks when they are international rather than domestic.
  2. Budget: Keep in mind your budget, too. International checks also tend to be more expensive. Consider your budget and the importance of completing an international due diligence background check before starting the process.
  3. Focus: What’s most important to your search? Are you interested in criminal and financial records? Do you want to a business reputation search? Do you want to search the company and individual? The answers to these questions will inform the scope of your search.

Of course, any given due diligence background check will be unique and require its own set of key considerations. The 3 items listed above are universal and important to consider no matter the nature of your international background check.

Our Process for International Due Diligence Background Checks

At CS Business Screen, we have a long history of conducing both domestic and international due diligence background checks. Our depth of experience has helped us create a process that minimizes both the amount of money and time our clients invest in the process. Here’s a look at the steps we take for each international background check:

  1. Value: We spend time getting to know your exact needs so that we can develop an appropriate background check program. This helps minimize cost to the greatest extent so that you get real value for your investment.
  2. Scope: Most international background checks are actually a blend of international and domestic checks. We help you scope your background check so that we achieve the right blend of international and domestic information.
  3. Scrubbing: Given that results from international background checks can often be confusing, we take out the confusing results and translate the information that needs translating. This scrubbing process ensures that you get easy-to-digest information at the end of the process.
  4. Compliance: Finally, we look specifically at compliance issues so that we include all data needed for full compliance, both here in the United States and internationally as appropriate.

How to Get Started

Do you need an international due diligence background check completed? Getting started it easy. All we need is:

  1. Countries: Let us know what countries you need checked. We can confirm with our research team that we’re able to meet your needs in those specific countries.
  2. Approval: We’ll create an international package that outlines what we can provide and at what price. We’ll need this package approved before we get started with the work.
  3. Foundational Information: Once the package is approved, we’ll gather foundational information from you on the background check to be completed. This foundational information varies engagement to engagement, but it may include data, special paperwork or other documentation — all of which can be submitted through our dashboard.

Are you ready to get started with your international due diligence background check? Contact us today to begin the process.