Is Your Business Suffering From Data Fatigue?

The world accumulates an estimated 40 trillion gigabytes of data each year. In theory, businesses should be using this wealth of data to make smarter decisions, but instead, companies are finding themselves suffering from data fatigue. One report found that up to 73% of business data collected goes unused while another poll found 55% of employees analyzing this data experience information overload.

Suffering from data fatigue?

Collecting data is easier than ever, but businesses cannot support, filter, and manage the surplus.  

Data Is Not Knowledge Without Analysis  

When organizations want to verify the integrity of a person or business, they may run a background check by scouring numerous commercial databases themselves. These databases sometimes return massive amounts of non-actionable and non-descript information.  Consequently, information retrieved must be analyzed, validated, and researched at the source so it can be used to make informed decisions.  

Unless you know what you are looking for and have validated the results of your data, the information you spent time and money retrieving may be useless.

Even worse, a poor search can put your company at risk or lead to compliance issues. CS Business Screen is aware of the shortcoming of big data.   We go beyond these large data dump services when conducting background investigations. Our staff researches the subjects of your background check, analyzes the findings, and then shares the results with our simple, easy-to-read report that contains validated actionable information. These efforts help our clients access only important, validated facts that enable them to make better business decisions without getting swamped by all the data. See for yourself how CS Business Screen offers comprehensive due diligence reporting that’s effortless to order and simple to interpret.

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