The Better Way to Conduct a Due Diligence Background Check on a New Business Partner

Due diligence background checks are a great way to add confidence before working with a new company or individual. The most common way to investigate a potential business deal or partner is by using one of the many, one-size-fits-all, data dump services. These services start just input a name and the service spits out tons of raw data about the subject. The problem is, you’re then left with a pile of data you now have to sort and validate. Also, most of this information is useless and non-actionable. (Are you really interested in some of the outdated information that these database searches return - such as old property tax records, traffic tickets from 10 years ago, or hunting & fishing licenses?)

What is the better way to conduct a due diligence background check on a new business partner?

Before wasting time and money with a data dump service, you should first ask yourself the following question: What Information Would Make Me Rethink a Deal or Business Relationship? Or in simpler terms, what information would be a deal-breaker?

For some, it’s an individual’s history of fraud or criminal activity. For others, it’s a company’s past financial problems.

At CS Business Screen, we start all client relationships by asking this question. We then put together a specific program that can uncover these stated deal-breakers. This program includes digging through the data, validating our findings, and then providing a simple, actionable report. Our time and effort help you obtain meaningful information that will impact your business decisions. So you can pursue new deals and partnerships with confidence.

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