7 Due Diligence Red Flags & Why They’re Alarming

We have written about the types of things a due diligence background check can uncover to highlight the importance of doing these checks in the first place. Today, we're shifting our focus a little bit to dig deeper into exactly why the things these checks uncover are so alarming. We'll tell you about seven of the most prominent due diligence red flags that background checks from CS Business Screen can reveal and why you need to act accordingly upon learning the information these reports uncover. 

7 Due Diligence Red Flags

So, without further ado, here are seven red flags due diligence background checks can uncover and, even more importantly, why they matter:

  1. Criminal Convictions

When engaging in business transactions with an entity or individual, you deserve clarity regarding any prior involvement in criminal activities. A history of criminal convictions is a warning sign indicating potential integrity and reliability issues. This raises concerns about the possible risks associated with any business dealings.

Conducting comprehensive background checks lets you delve into their past, uncover hidden criminal convictions, and equip yourself with essential information to make informed decisions. These insights give you the confidence and knowledge needed to protect your interests and navigate your business interactions wisely.

  1. Civil Litigation

The presence of ongoing or past civil litigation can indicate potential financial instability or unresolved disputes that might have repercussions on your business interactions. Detailed reports provide valuable insights into an entity's civil litigation history. This way, you can assess the potential risks involved and act accordingly.

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  1. Bankruptcy 

A prior history of bankruptcy points to financial instability. Naturally, you want to know this as it could impact your financial transactions or investments. Evaluating bankruptcy filings through due diligence checks equips you with the information necessary to assess the financial health of your potential business partners.

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  1. Pending Judgments and Liens

Unresolved judgments or liens can be detrimental to your financial situation and may significantly impact your business relationships. These unresolved legal matters can lead to financial burdens, causing disruptions and complications in your business operations. 

If you take the time to identify and address pending judgments and liens, you can better understand the potential financial liabilities associated with your prospective engagements. This proactive approach helps you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks that could be a nasty surprise from these unresolved legal issues.

  1. Enforcement Actions/Government Sanctions

Involvement in enforcement actions or government sanctions can raise significant concerns about possible legal and regulatory issues that you shouldn't ignore. In-depth reports highlight such actions, enabling you to exercise caution and make informed decisions, steering clear of potentially risky associations.

  1. Regulatory Violations

Entities or individuals with a history of regulatory violations may present compliance risks to your business—these aren't something you can afford to risk. Conducting due diligence reveals these violations. This way, you can gauge their commitment to legal and ethical standards and determine whether it was a one-off incident or a recurring issue.

  1. Federal/State Debarment

Debarment from federal or state contracts can signal potential unethical behavior or non-compliance with regulations. Thorough due diligence checks unveil debarment history, assisting you in avoiding engagements with parties disqualified from government contracts.

Types of Cases Identified Through Due Diligence

Along with these seven due diligence red flags, due diligence background checks can uncover various types of cases that further emphasize the importance of thorough investigation:

  • Breach of Contract Cases: Understanding past contract disputes can help assess an entity's reliability in fulfilling agreements.
  • Order of Class Action Suit Settlements: Participation in class action suits may indicate a history of fraudulent or unethical practices.
  • Frauds & Swindles: Uncovering fraud cases can safeguard your business against potential scams or deceitful practices.
  • Tax Evasion: Tax-related issues may signal financial instability or unethical behavior.
  • Mail Fraud and Mortgage Fraud: Mail and mortgage fraud can highlight dishonesty and legal troubles.
  • Violations of the Civil Rights Act: Involvement in civil rights violations is a serious ethical and legal concern.
  • Collections of Debt: Debt collection cases can point to financial instability and potential liquidity issues.
  • Personal Injury, Wrongful Termination, and Malpractice Cases: These cases may suggest poor business practices or negligence.
  • Trademark Violations: Trademark infringement can lead to legal disputes that affect your brand's reputation. (Don't miss this post next: 10 Types of Business Reputation Issues to Uncover

Uncover These (and More) Due Diligence Red Flags with CS Business Screen

Knowing these red flags and case types lets you make informed decisions to protect your business. CS Business Screen's due diligence reports provide crucial information to mitigate risks, ensure due care, and safeguard your financial transactions.

After all, conducting due diligence is not just about uncovering information—it's about safeguarding your business from potential problems and risks. And at CS Business Screen, this is our job and our passion. 

Our team of professional investigators at CS Business Screen is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and comprehensive due diligence reports, helping you navigate the complex landscape of business transactions confidently in all 50 states (and over 200 international countries and territories). Trust in our expertise to ensure you make informed choices and protect your business from unnecessary liabilities.

Contact us now to schedule a meeting with a team member.

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